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What is jaw surgery called?

Jaw surgery is also called orthognathic surgery; it is also called maxillofacial surgery.

Is jaw surgery considered a major surgery?

Yes, having a jaw operation is an extensive procedure that interrupts a few weeks or months of your life.

Jaw surgery falls under the category of cosmetic and corrective operations that have been common for a relatively long period, and the need for this type of cosmetic surgery is due to the presence of a genetic or acquired defect in the human jaw in a way that differs from the natural shape of the jaws or due to congenital abnormalities.

Jaw surgery aims to facilitate better breathing, chewing, and speaking. The jaw surgeon corrects the misalignment of the jaws and teeth.

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Who can a jaw surgeon perform surgery on?

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Is jaw surgery necessary?

Jaw surgery is unnecessary for everyone; in some cases, the upper and lower jaw grow at different rates, resulting in an asymmetric appearance and an uneven bite. These abnormalities, such as congenital disabilities and facial injuries, may also affect jaw alignment. If orthodontic treatment cannot correct the imbalance, your jaw surgeon specialist will perform corrective jaw surgery to reposition the upper or lower jaws.

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Getting jaw surgery can result in:

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Aftercare advice

After the surgery, your jaw surgeon specialist will give you some instructions. Which usually includes the following:


The initial jaw healing process usually takes about six weeks after surgery, but full recovery may take up to 12 weeks.

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