Gum Treatment

Gum treatment aims to treat the bacteria formed as plaque and tartar between the gum and tooth.

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When you clean your teeth properly, your gums are usually healthy. But if your teeth are not cleaned correctly, plaque and tartar accumulate on the surface, leading to infections and swelling of the gums. It may even lead to bleeding when touched. Thus, you will need a gum treatment.


It is an inflammation of the tissues that surround and support the teeth. Periodontitis is a disease of bacterial origin, which most often occurs when immune systems are weakened.

It usually begins with gingivitis, which gradually spreads to the bone tissue, forming infected "pockets" between the gum and tooth.

Gummy smile

A gummy smile occurs when the gum surrounding the tooth is damaged and degraded. This may be the result of gingivitis or periodontitis. In many cases, the tooth root becomes exposed, which leads to increased tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods, acidic or sweet foods.


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Gum treatment

Clinic in Istanbul offers different treatment methods for our patients suffering from gum issues.

Gum grafting

Gum grafting consists of taking a sample of gum from the palate or edges where teeth are missing to reinforce the thickness of the gum or cover a gum recession.


This surgical procedure is performed under general or local anesthesia and involves removing parts of your gum. Advanced technologies make it possible to perform this operation using a laser. It can be performed during or after the removal of orthodontic treatment.

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How can I take care of my gums?

If you suffer from gum diseases, it is best to follow your doctor’s indications


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Post operation advice:

If you suffer from gum diseases, it is best to follow your doctor’s indications

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