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Teeth Whitening

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Tooth Whitening

One of the most popular among all the aesthetic and cosmetic treatments offered by dentists is tooth whitening. The reason for this demand is that tooth whitening is relatively cheap compared to other cosmetic dentistry treatments and is a fast-acting, direct-result procedure.

Tooth whitening products can be found in pharmacies and on the Internet as well as in the dentist's office, but visiting a dentist is the fastest and most effective way to whiten your teeth.

What are the options of tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening can be done at the dental clinic as well as at home. Depending on how much you want your teeth to whiten and how long the procedure will be applied, the type of tooth whitening to be chosen by your dentist for you.z

Professional tooth whitening process can be applied both at your dentist's office (as an office type tooth whitening) and at home (under the supervision of your dentist).

Patients, who prefer apply tooth whitening by theirselves at home, take the special mold which was given by their dentist (after placing the whitening medication into the mold), and place it on the teeth with the dentist’s recommended use.

How professional tooth whitening is done?

This option is suitable for patients with time constraints. The duration of the procedure lasts shorter than other methods and is equally effective.

At the beginning of the procedure, your dentist make a record of your teeth shade. Then, cotton rolls are placed inside your mouth to keep your mouth dry. Also, your dentist may place a barrier on your gingival line for protecting your gum from chemicals.

The whitening gel applied on your teeth by your dentist is activated by UV light or laser and the whitening lasts for approximately 1 hour.

Care Instructions

During the teeth whitening procedure, colored liquids such as tea, coffee, wine, cola and tobacco products should be avoided. In the case of use, the process will reverse and the color of the teeth will be deformed. If you don’t avoid these things, the process fails and the color of the teeth becomes deformed.

After tooth whitening, your teeth may become more sensitive to cold, but this problem will be solved over time. You can apply a gel that reduces sensitivity and use a special toothpaste.

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